EnginSoft are experts in tolerance analysis for engineering design and manufacturing companies that assemble multi-component products.


Tolerance analysis and optimisation of customer specific problems

Welcome to the resource centre, here you will find detailed information in the form of whitepapers, datasheets, infosheets and case studies relating to the tolerance analysis solutions provided by the EnginSoft Group.

The market has never been forgiving, however current circumstances mean it is currently even less so. Resources are low and companies are driving to become more time and cost efficient, whilst retaining and increasing product reliability. EnginSoft UK offers a solution to the market's current problems: a software solution utilising Tolerance Analysis to ensure a reduction in scrap, design time and cost, which has proved to be effective for companies around the world. Feeling sceptical?

Read on and discover EnginSoft UK’s ideal world solution which will bring these same amazing results to you.

About EnginSoft

EnginSoft are engineering consultants with more than 30 years of experience as CAE consultants addressing customer challenges throughout the design & development process.

White Paper

Focusing Quality in electro-mechanical systems

This German conference paper examines the analysis and optimisation of electro-mechanical assemblies by conducting statistical tolerance simulation. Not only are part geometries optimised but also the entire manufacturing process.

Effective Tolerance Management

The whitepaper on effective tolerance management is a comprehensive introduction to the cost of imprecision and how you can minimise it. The whitepaper covers the application of GD&T, different tolerance analysis approaches, and CETOL 6σ.

Product Flyer

GD&T Advisor at a glance

This GD&T Advisor product flyer provides a concise overview of GD&T Advisor.

CETOL 6σ at a glance

The product flyer provides a more concise overview of the tolerance analysis software solution CETOL 6σ.


GD&T Advisor for ISO standards

GD&T Advisor is an interactive software tool that provides expert guidance on the correct application of GD&T. It guides users through the application of GD&T, ensuring ISO standards compliance while greatly improving productivity, all from within the CAD environment.

CETOL 6σ for Creo/Pro-Engineer

CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software provides the necessary insight to confidently release designs to manufacturing. Download this document to gain the insights about the software features and highlights for Creo/Pro-Engineer.

CETOL 6σ for SolidWorks

CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software provides the necessary insight to confidently release designs to manufacturing. Download this document to gain the insights about the software features and highlights for SolidWorks.


CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software provides the necessary insight to confidently release designs to manufacturing. Download this document to gain the insights about the software features and highlights for CATIA.

Mr Futura, Representative of Cybernet Systems Co. Ltd.
"I was very impressed by the EnginSoft business style. EnginSoft clearly is not just a software vendor. The company provides CAE tools to their customers, effective and substantial technologies, that are complemented with EnginSoft’s sophisticated engineering services. At Cybernet, we want to do our best to continue the good partnership with such a great company."

Mr Futura, Representative of Cybernet Systems Co. Ltd.

"EnginSoft was the perfect partner for our need of optimization. Thanks to a shared design of new standard packaging, we saved more than 1 million Euro over the last year, preserving our high quality standard."


Loredana Banci, R&D Manager of Benelli Armi
"EnginSoft represent a key partner for us, skilled and reliable from the very beginning of the pilot project, allowing us to grow in autonomy in a very short time."

Loredana Banci, R&D Manager of Benelli Armi

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The Venture Centre

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  • Understand the problems and business impacts to...
  • Check the input data and create clear work process
  • Develop a working model within the Tolerance Analysis software
  • Identify the true cause of the problems
  • Define failure conditions
  • From a few days onsite our experts are able to identify...
  • The customer requirements
  • The design intent was not understood or described correctly
  • Manufacturers were not manufacturing to design
  • Raw materials being supplied with incorrect tolerances
  • Failure conditions defined
  • Understanding consequences of variation
  • Identify the sensitivities of the design to reduce tolerances
  • Convert the requirements to product technical specification
  • Convert these specifications into Assembly/Subassembly dimensional requirements
  • Assign component dimensions to fit the Assembly/Subassembly requirements
  • Apply the results...
  • EnginSoft doesn't just solve problems but provides clients with confidence in a more effective design process solution. It is faster, slicker and cheaper
  • Designing for intent
  • Design for function and Manufacture to design
  • Functional dimensioning defines a part based on how it functions in the final product
  • Interruptions in manufacturing flows reduced
  • Assemblies fitting together
  • Massive savings in reduced scrap
  • Clients receive their orders faster
  • Reduced costs in all areas of the design and manufacturing process
  • Provide solutions to the individual challenges
  • Give the client a new discipline and route map to improve their design and simulation

Tolerance Management in the Product Development Process

Duration: 2 days

What is covered?

  • This seminar illustrates the tolerance management approach in six steps, using practical examples:
  • Determining dimensional requirements and characteristics
  • Analysing and optimising variation
  • Calibrate and document product and process
  • Deriving a measurement plan
  • Validating the process capability and match objectives
  • Feedback regarding designs

Who is it for?

  • The seminar is tailored for all employees and executives working in design, production planning, manufacturing and quality assurance.

For more information call +44 (0) 2476 997 160

Training for GD&T Advisor

Duration: 2 days

What is covered?

  • Introducing the interface plus underlying architecture and thought process that is required to take immediate advantage of the power of this software solution
  • Mix of lecture and sample problems to practice defining and creating GD&T annotations within the Creo part model
  • Training covers all software functionality including datum feature creation, patterns, datums from targets, multi-element holes, drafted features, administrator functions, and management of notes
  • Understand the logic behind context sensitive help and the relationship to built-in reference materials provided by ETI
  • Apply GD&T Advisor training to one of their own part models

Customisable options

  • Engineers will prepare class examples using actual customer parts.
  • The course will explore product requirements and how those requirements influence datum selection.
  • Output from the GD&T Advisor can be compared with current drawing definition to identify any gaps or differences.


  • Purchased or in the process of purchasing GD&T Advisor
  • Working knowledge of GD&T
  • Appropriate CAD Software; Pro-Engineer/CREO

For more information call +44 (0) 2476 997 160

Training for CETOL 6σ

Duration: 3 days

What is covered?

  • Get started with CETOL 6σ (user interface, preferences, interaction with CAD system)
  • Assembly modelling
  • Part modelling training
  • Definition of dimensional variation
  • Variation analysis
  • Data management, e.g. for data reuse


  • Purchased or in the process of purchasing CETOL 6σ
  • Appropriate CAD Software; CATIA, Pro-Engineer/CREO, Solidworks

For more information call +44 (0) 2476 997 160

Advanced GD&T Training Course

Duration: 2 days

What is covered?

  • Review of form and position tolerances
  • Complex reference and referencing system
  • GD&T: Strategy & Interpretation
  • Maximum and minimum material condition
  • Tolerancing standards (ASME, DIN7167, ISO8015)
  • Application to concrete case studies
  • On request - also differences between the ISO standards and ASME Y 14.5M-1994 / ASME Y 14.5-2009


  • Working knowledge of the basics of GD&T

For more information call +44 (0) 2476 997 160

Basic GD&T Training Course

Duration: 2 days

What is covered?

  • Basics of geometric dimensioning
  • Development of form and position deviations
  • GD&T in comparison to coordinate dimensions
  • Definition of datum reference systems
  • Maximum / minimum material condition
  • Application on concrete examples
  • On request ASME Y 14.5 2004/2009

For more information call +44 (0) 2476 997 160

GD&T Advisor

EnginSoft are European distributors of GD&T Advisor based on CETOL6σ technology, developed by Sigmetrix LLC.

Imperfection exists in ALL manufacturing and assembly processes.

GD&T Advisor is your expert guide for the correct application of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing on your design drawings that are necessary to insure the functional requirements of your products. Ensuring compliance with ISO or ASME standards, you will experience greatly improved productivity. For example, using GD&T Advisor will typically expected to reduce time and clicks to apply GD&T by more than 70%.

Intelligent guidance from GD&T Advisor will identify the correct tolerances to apply, which are automatically highlighted, while inappropriate tolerances are blanked out and unselectable. In addition, check the completeness of tolerancing can be checked using an optical colour-coded guide.

Utilise these functions easily from within the PTC Creo or Pro-Engineer CAD environment.

Benefits of GD&T Advisor

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Standardise annotations correctly
  • Eliminate annotation mistakes
  • Improve design communication
  • Enhance understanding of the GD&T standards
  • Allow designers to better describe the design intent

Address the critical aspects of GD&T application

  • Creation: fast, efficient, intelligent application of functional, syntactically correct GD&T in your 3D model environment
  • Validation: visualised and function-oriented evaluation of GD&T guarantees tolerancing completeness
  • Education: extensive help content, informative tool tips, and an interactive GD&T Quick Reference aid in understanding of GD&T concepts for both the ISO or ASME standard
  • Utilisation: intelligent CAD-native annotations are usable in downstream processes such as drawing production, tolerance analysis, computer aided inspection or manufacturing, and other design activities

For more information call +44 (0) 2476 997 160


EnginSoft are European distributors of leading Precise Constraint Technology software CETOL 6σ, developed by Sigmetrix LLC.

Companies products can fail when it is not possible to assemble the manufactured component parts leaving designers and engineers facing questions such as “Can the product I’ve designed be assembled?” or “Will the product function as intended once assembled?”

Many companies find problems arise from not understanding the potential effects of variation. Parts are designed in a perfect CAD environment, only to come together in unexpected ways as tolerance variations “stack-up” and interact to cause a product failure. To avoid costs and the loss of customer confidence associated with situations like this, businesses have two options: Throw money at the problem by tightening tolerances, which will increase the manufacturing costs, or use the market leading Tolerance Analysis software to intelligently understand and address the issue.

CETOL 6σ is a tolerance analysis and optimisation software tool providing the invaluable insight needed to address the above issues and to confidently release designs for manufacture. You will be able to assess the manufacturability of your designs long before they reach production.

CETOL 6σ enables designers and engineers to address multi-dimensional problems, by using a mathematical description of your CAD geometry. This unique method allows you to receive immediate analytical feedback, utilising the easy-to-use modelling, analysis and reporting components. The user is guided through the tolerance analysis and optimisation process whilst being informed about missing or erroneous data.

Unlike simple 1D stack-up analysis or Monte Carlo Simulation, CETOL 6σ pursues a statistical approach employing advanced precise constraint technology, displayed in an intuitive graphical user interface. This approach accelerates the ability to identify part sensitivities and components that have the most significant contribution to the total variation. Discovering critical-to-quality assembly characteristics has never been easier.

Benefits of CETOL 6σ

  • Achieve maximum productivity
  • Improve product quality
  • Accelerate product maturity
  • Optimise design & manufacturing goals
  • Identify critical parts in assemblies
  • Reduce scrappage and warranty claims
  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Reduce modelling time
  • Communicate results efficiently
  • Quickly auto-report results

Key Features

  • Rich graphical interface and modelling wizards
  • Precise sensitivity analysis combined with true sensitivity animation
  • Analytical, statistical, and worst case tolerance analyses
  • Rapid “what-if” analysis without re-simulation
  • Interactive, on CAD model analysis visualization
  • Clean, organized, and highly-interactive Tolerance Management System
  • Information Manager™ interface
  • Advanced reporting tools, such as on-the-fly WYSIWYG report creation
  • Comprehensively integrated with Creo® (formally Pro-ENGINEER®), CATIA®, and SolidWorks®

For more information call +44 (0) 2476 997 160